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Hill Country Counseling Associates proudly announces an "Anger” counseling group,
based on the book, "The Anger Workbook", by by Drs. Les Carter and Frank Minirth


Book Overview:

Most people stereotype anger by assuming that it always results in shouting, slamming fists, or throwing things. However, anger is not that one-dimensional. In fact, all of the statements below represent feelings of anger:

  • When I am displeased with someone I shut down any communication and withdraw.

  • I get very tense inside as I tackle a demanding task.

  • I feel frustrated when I see someone else having fewer struggles than I.

  • There are times when my discouragement just makes me want to call it quits.

  • I can be quite aggressive in my business pursuits or even when just playing a game

We all deal with anger in our lives, whether it is in a subtle or violent manner. Being angry can involve such emotional expressions as frustration, irritability, annoyance, aggravation, blowing off steam, or fretting. This book offers a unique 13-step interactive program that will help you:

  • Identify the best ways to handle anger

  • Understand how pride, fear, loneliness, and inferiority feed your anger

  • Uncover and eliminate the myths that perpetuate anger-"Letting go of my anger means I am conceding defeat" or "No one understands my unique problems."

  • Identify learned patterns or relating, thinking, and behaving in your life that influence your anger


Start date/Time:
Saturdays, beginning July 15th, 4:30 – 6 pm

Duration:  13 weeks

Cost: Free

Group Leaders:  Licensed Professional Counselor Interns

Location:  Hill Country Counseling Conference Room (2nd floor)
                  12274 Bandera Road, Helotes TX, 78023

Book:  Participant must purchase the book at their local bookstore; it runs between $9 (Half Price Books) to $14 (Barnes and Noble). It’s also available on Amazon and Half Price Books websites, for approximately $5 (including shipping).  Be sure to order early! 

Registration: REQUIRED due to limited space.

Click below to register:


You will receive a response confirming registration.





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